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Online Roulette Malaysia Game

Live casino games have become the popular choice of many since it offers a real interactive casino experience. If you are a newbie, then you may be confused about making your choice. With different games to choose from, choosing the one you like the most is a wise choice. Here in this post, we will discuss the two most popular game choices among the players of Allbet Malaysia, the Roulette/ Sic Bo. Knowing the game will help you to choose better. Get Ready to Win Live Online Roulette Malaysia For Real Money.

Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese game based on dice. Its popularity grew from Asia to casinos in America and Europe in the ’90s. Sic Bo Game Online  is dubbed from a Chinese word (tai sai) which means dice pair. There are three dices, and the outcome of the roll determines the trajectory of the game. As a rule, it may seem adamantine at first, but once you get acquainted with the layout, it is super easy to play.

Live Online Roulette Malaysia

Roulette is another most popular casino game in the world. It is easy to learn and play. In Roulette, the dealer spins the ball, and the ball lands on a particular number which is the winning number. The player is supposed to guess and pick the winning number on the Roulette table. There are many places that a player can bet on a Online Roulette Malaysia table. There are the minimum and maximum betting limits on a Roulette table and each contestant is provided with the unique color of chips to avoid confusion.

Outside bets:
  • The ball will land on any black number.
  • The ball lands on a red number.
  • The player wins if the ball lands between 13 to 24.
  • The player bets on number from numbers ranging from 24 to 36.
  • The pay rate is 2:1.
Inside bets:
  • Straight up: If the player bets on any particular number, it is called Straight Up. The pay rate of Straight Up is 35:1, i.e. The player wins 35 times the betted amount if he wins.
  • Split: The player bets on any two numbers. The pay rate is 17:1.
  • Corner bet: The player bets on four numbers. The pay rate on winning is 8:1.
  • Street bet: Bets on three adjacent numbers. The pay rate is 11:1.
  • Double street: the bet is on three numbers. Winners get 6:1.
  •  Topline: If the player bets on 0, 00, 1, 2, or 3. The pay rate is 6:1.
  • Treo: There is a bet on three numbers. Payscale 11:1.
  •  0, 00: If the player bets on 0 or 00, and on winning they get 17:1.
Online Roulette Malaysia

Now you know about both the games. Now, it’s important to pay attention to the following important points in choosing between

Simplicity: Sic Bo is easier to learn since it’s a game of chance. Online Roulette Malaysia, on the other hand, requires a bit of experience and expertise to win.

Flexible Odds and payouts: The odds and payouts of both games are relatively flexible and similar. It depends on the wager options. Beginners can make their choices without any reservations.

Both Sic Bo and Roulette are fun games. Each provides its unique thrill and excitement and is difficult to match with one another. As a player, it is now your job to decide which one you like the most.

The Gameplay Roulette & Sic Bo: The rules and the strategies

The Three dice are tossed in the shaker by the dealer. Player has to place the bet on the result of the throw. It is a game of luck. Number you bet on may have any of the following combinations. The combinations decide your win

Small and big:

Most popular Sic Bo Game Online bids are bids placed on small and big. The player needs to predict the numbers of the three dice rolled. It can be small numbers from 4-10 or big numbers from 11-17. When your prediction goes right, you win one unit for every bid placed, i.e. the payout is 1:1. You may lose both the small and the big if the result is a triple. Triple occurs when all the three dice show the same number. Small and big are used by every Sic Bo player, from beginners to high rollers.


A double bet is a bet which speculates that the same number will show on two of three dices rolled. You can bet on any number from 1 to 5, and the payout is 8:1. So, you win eight units for every unit you bet. While betting on the double bet, you have to place your bet on a specific double. You can bet on as many as doubles as you like. It can be in combination with other bets. The player losses all the doubles when it is a triple.


A bet on a triple is when all three dices will show the same number which can be from 1 to 6. This bet is also known as the house. The payout on any triple is 24:1, so you win 24 units for every unit you bet. The payout on a specific triple is 150:1. You will win 150 units for every unit you bet on, making it the biggest payout on the board.


A combination bet is a bet that specifies two numbers that will show on the three dice when rolled. The payout on a combination bet is 5:1. You will win 5 units for every unit you bet. Therefore the return will be 6 units in total no matter whatever the combination is. You can use a Combination bet to avoid risk.


The Single is a bet that a certain number will show any of the three dices. It is different because one bid can win different amounts. The amount you win depends on the number of times your chosen number appears.

Play for Fun- Baccarat Game Online Malaysia

Whatever you’re a baccarat learner trying to understand the basics or an experienced master of the game aggravating to test out your newest strategy We invite you to play for fun on my baccarat trainer before risking real cash in a casino or on your mobile. Baccarat is one of the most famous card games both in real casinos and on online platforms. Regardless of whether you are a learner or a seasoned player – free Baccarat Game online Malaysia is a perfect chance to polish your skill. The rules of the game of Baccarat are reasonably clear and simple to learn. And you do not require learning complex strategies, rules, and countless combinations compared to other table games.

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